Lego Millennium Falcon Vs. Ion Cannons

Millennium Falcon Vs. Ion Cannons

Who says geeks have no fun?

The girls and I spent a crazy night last night building the Lego Millennium Falcon, Han Solo’s ship from the Star Wars movies. What fun! We’re starting a Lego-Building club, to meet on a regular basis to build Lego stuff from Star Wars. I didn’t have Legos when I was young, I had Micronauts.

Anyway, when the intense building session was complete, the ladies wanted shots with their newly-constructed Corellian Engineering Corporation YT-1300 light freighter.

I hastily obliged, of course. The girls seem to deploy their ion cannons at the slightest provocation…

This is me after the impromptu photo session:

Davidclaw with the Falcon


About brainclaw

I am an electronic musician.

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  1. I prefer the ion cannons


  2. LOL 2 naked chicks and the guy takes of with the Millennium Falcon. Whats wrong with that picture? LOL


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